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In today`s rapidly changing world, more than ever, are transformational processes in models of social development. Some countries are developing rapidly and are beginning to play an active role in world politics and economics, others find themselves in the shadow of the development process. Young states, which include Ukraine, despite its long and rich history, it is necessary to choose his place in this process and do not miss your chance to take right place in the community. This is not easy, as in international relations, built on economic competition for markets and resources, the main weapon is intelligence and information technology.

Recognizing challenges that proved Ukraine and the urgent need to transform social relations to improve the performance of the economy as a basic resource for the welfare of the people;

Realizing the value of combining the intellectual forces that have formed in the area of ​​governance at the local level for the years of Ukraine`s independence, to further promote Ukraine on the path to progress and prosperity;

Given the desire of the leaders of various levels of state administrations to make their civic contribution to accelerating the process of movement of Ukraine on a progressive path of development for the benefit of the Ukrainian people and future generations, created "The Council of the Heads of State Administrations".

The purpose of the Council of Heads:
• integration and use of intellectual potential accumulated by serving and former chairmen of state administrations in state-building and local government;
• concern for the welfare of citizens, future generations of Ukrainians, their environment, intellectual, cultural and spiritual potential;
• study, compilation and dissemination of experience of management of territories, local executive bodies, governments and other institutions of society.

The main objectives of the Council of Heads:

• contribute to the implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and other agencies at all levels;
• promoting the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms;
• contribute to the implementation of national and regional socio-economic and cultural development, environmental protection programs, the interests of local and regional development areas.

We invite everyone to participate and cooperate!

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